Upper Arm Laser Hair Removal

in Tashkent

Diode: 250 000 UZS
Alexandrite: 500 000 UZS
Procedure time: 30 minutes each

Advantages of Upper Arm
Laser Hair Removal

Every woman dreams of having gentle and well-groomed hands. Cosmetic creams are used for their smoothness, and in order to ensure the absence of hair, many resort to various methods. The owners of a light fluff on their hands above the elbow are not particularly worried about this, while women with dark and stiff hair have a lot of inferiority complexes because of it.

Shaving razor gives a short-lived effect. The very next day, tough vegetation appears again on the surface of the hands. Sugaring and wax strips also do not guarantee long-term durability, while the skin after them swells, irritates, ingrown hairs and inflammation appear.

Upper Arm Laser Hair Removal in HairBoss

Laser hair removal is the most effective method for getting rid of unwanted hair. It combines all the advantages of the other removal methods, supplementing them with individual advantages:

  • painlessness and absence of side effects;
  • 100% guaranteed result for hair of any structure and color;
  • safety.

During the procedure, the hair follicles are destroyed by the impulses emanating from the laser. After some time, all the treated vegetation gradually falls out. Hair from damaged follicles no longer grows.

If you want to forget about the problem of increased hair growth, come to the HairBoss studio. Here laser hair removal is carried out using alexandrite and diode lasers manufactured in Europe. Chinese analogues do not give the results that our equipment can provide.

To completely remove the vegetation on the upper arms, it will take about 5-8 procedures. The duration of one session varies between 10-30 minutes and depends on the structure and color of the hair.

Visit HairBoss and you will forget about unwanted vegetation forever!

High-quality lasers

Professional hybrid laser with German diode matrix


Disposable accessories only, lasers with disposable coating


Hair removal with a guarantee of positive results

Convenient locations

Parking places are available, as well as transport stops

Comfortable conditions

Spacious offices, waiting areas, freshly ground coffee


Special packages, club cards, season tickets

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Being a breakthrough in the aesthetic sphere of services this one is considered to be the most trending. Laser hair removal makes it possible to get rid of unwanted hair without consequences, and gain smooth skin. If you’re tired of ingrown hairs, irritation after shaving and hair regrowth for depilation – effective and safe laser hair removal in HairBoss will be the salvation.

Preparation and contraindications

Laser hair removal

Why laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal can not only give aesthetic beauty, but also make body care much easier. In some cases, this is the only comfortable method of getting rid of problems with unwanted hair, for example if:

you have an abundant amount of hair follicles,
you cannot tolerate the pain of waxing, electric epilator,
you have a lot of ingrown hairs, inflamed follicles,
you have irritation from shaving or depilation.

In each of these situations, laser hair removal will be an effective solution that will make your life easier and add self-confidence.

Who is contraindicated to laser hair removal:

Before you sign up for the treatment, be sure to read the contraindications to laser hair removal. So laser hair removal is not recommended or allowed when:

oncological diseases,
herpes, psoriasis,
taking hormonal drugs that affect hair growth.

How to prepare for laser hair removal:

When you have decided to do laser hair removal, you have no contraindications, it remains to properly prepare, i.e.:

in 2-3 weeks, you need to stop doing depilation (waxing, sugaring, epilator, tweezers ...);
in 1 day carefully shave off all the hair from the area where you are going to do laser hair removal, because the procedure is carried out only on smooth skin;
right before the procedure, it is necessary to clean the desired area (if deodorant or cream, lotion was applied that day);
it is unacceptable to carry out the procedure if chemical peeling was done less than 4 weeks ago in the treatment area.

Our team more than 50 people

Our team consists of only qualified specialists with medical education.

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